Emptiness of Mind: The Privilege of Occupying Remote Natural Places

Bari Glew for Unsplash

In that distant anchorage, isolation and privilege were transformed into renewed commitment for engagement and action for the protection and understanding of Nature.

Cooper Smith for Unsplash. Newfoundland, Canada
Annie Spratt for Unsplash

“Reciprocity is a state of mutual exchange, the categorization of an action by its motivation and consequence in relationship to another. What if we accept the power of reciprocity as an additional standard of behavior at all levels, in all areas of exchange with Nature? What if we acknowledge that the land and the sea provide us value, not for the taking and exhausting as an entitlement, but as the giving of a gift, the making of a loan, with a consequent obligation that we pay back that value through complementary behavior, equitable patterns of consumption, and forms of exchange that sustain the capacity of Nature through accepted connection to ourselves, our children, and the public good?”




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