Oceanic Feeling

This week we reflect on a landscape of special importance on the coast of Iceland and the ways that the experience of visiting it for the first time shaped the author’s future and his dedication to sharing the meaning of the ocean with others, and its contributions for the health and welfare of us all.

Black sand beach at Reynisfjara, Iceland (wikimedia commons)
Reynisfjara, near the small fishing village of Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland (Unsplash)

It became clear to me there and then that the ocean was, and remains the expression of all that is incorruptible and good in this world, pure and simple, and it was my obligation to protect it.

I was to presume to be a voice for its condition, its meaning, its understanding, its fecundity, and its universal and egalitarian contribution to the health and welfare of every person on land forevermore.

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