WORLD OCEAN FORUM is dedicated to proposals for change in ocean policy and action worldwide, linking unexpected people with unexpected ideas and offering a knowledgeable outlet for research, opinion and storytelling. What are the new technologies and sustainable solutions for the future yet to be born? We have an astonishing opportunity to think about the future we want to see for the next generation. The World Ocean Forum is a place for creativity, incubation and transformational change. If you have an essay that presents an idea for what comes next, we want to hear from you. Please limit your submission to 1,600 words. In return we’ll promote your work on our various social media channels including Facebook where we currently have nearly 1,000,000 followers.

CONTACT US to submit your idea: Your idea submission should include a brief summary of your essay and a link to any writing samples you may have.

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Dedicated to sharing information about ocean issues: climate to trade, culture to governance. The sea connects all things. Online at

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