The Future of Aquaculture, part three

A series exploring specific initiatives, novel technologies and other advancements to improve efficiency and safety of aquaculture as a positive contribution to out future food supply and global health

Artistic rendering of an unmanned offshore fish farm facility currently under development in Trondheim, Norway. © SINTEF

“A Norwegian company has built the world’s largest offshore fish pen, some 110 meters wide…which can hold 1.5 million fish, and is equipped with 22,000 sensors to monitor various environmental parameters and the behavior of the fish. Another example is that of a Chinese project to build the world’s first 100,000-ton intelligent fish-farming ship…250 meters long and 45 meters wide…able to avoid typhoons, red tides and other severe weather and environmental issues while carrying out aquaculture operations anywhere in the world…and expected to produce 400 tones of high value marine products each year.”

These enormous pens and moving vessels can be operated remotely to control feeding, sampling, monitoring, and surveillance. Yes, you heard it right: massive factory aquaculture, at sea, no one aboard. Imagine that ship in the Arctic.

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