Part thirteen of the multi-part BLUEprint Series: How the Ocean Will Save Civilization

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How will we structure a new economy, financial investment returns and market fluctuations to a circular connection that distributes, sustains, and guarantees goods and services beyond speculation into the future?

Problems demand solutions which, in turn, demand recognition of the challenge to hand, a serious determination to seek a serious response, and courage to explore alternatives, inventions, and change. If the challenge is to be met by equitable solution, then a complete examination of past behaviors must be a first step toward the creation of new ones, an understanding of the core premises of past failures, the foundations on which old structures and patterns were built and the flawed assumptions on which they have stood.

  • How will we assess and account for what is the real cost and true profit for everyone within the system?
  • How will we use these tools to retro-fit our infrastructure and existing systems and to apply to the realization of future innovation?
  • How will we catalyze and incentivize change?
  • How will we account for the complete reconciliation of profit and loss?
  • How will we apply value tools as management guidelines and employment practices?
  • How will we negotiate contracts and agreements at every level of a fully integrated economy and society?
  • How will we regulate and adjudicate abuse and illegality?
  • How will we provide equal justice for all?
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